New board of three equity code 835033

Environmental Promotion Commissioner

2018/01/13 changsha 1 8k+

Post requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, environmental or legal related major

More than 5 years of electronic or mechanical product environment promotion experience, top five hundred enterprise work experience is preferred

Understand RoHS, WEEE related knowledge, and be familiar with environmental code standards such as environmental signs and energy efficiency signs

Fluency in Japanese and English and English communication and writing skills

Good interpersonal communication ability and team cooperative learning ability

Job content:

Follow up and know the trend and requirements of the environmental laws and regulations related to the enterprise, and carry out the response

Communicate and communicate with headquarters, regional headquarters and various departments of the company in Asia Law and regulation business, and coordinate related business development

Internal and external environmental related laws and regulations education activities

Actively carrying out environmental protection and promoting activities inside and outside the company

Assisting the boss to finish the work in the Department

Marketing Director

2018/01/13 changsha 1 10K+

Job content:

1, responsible for the market development of the whole series of Canon products in the 3-5 level city.

2. Collect and analyze the market information and plan the local market strategy.

3, coordinate the various product departments within the company to support the overall market sales of the 3-5 level cities.


1, college or above, over 30 years of age, more than 5 years of large company market or sales experience;

2, the copywriting ability is strong, the market acuity is high, and the IT/OA/ digital industry is familiar.

3. It has the ability to plan and co-ordinate the product and market, and can adapt to the appropriate business trip.

4, fluent in Japanese, English is especially good.

5. Have the ability to coordinate and communicate.

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