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   Jing Jing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in October 2007, covers an area of 200 mu, registered capital of 257.28 million yuan and employees of more than 700 people, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and marketing of sterile raw materials, amino acids and vitamin nutrition fortifiers.In December 2015, it successfully listed on the new third board securities with the securities code 835033. providing financial guarantee for the company's long-term development.

        The company's technical team has obtained more than 40 patents and 7 new product and new technology appraisals. We have won the honors of "China's top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in 2016", "China's top 100 innovative demonstration enterprises in 2017", "China's reform and innovation demonstration units". We have been comprehensively selected as "Hebei's new third board enterprises with the most investment value in 2017" by the New Third Board Research Institute, and were included in "Innovation in o the Index" and "Three Board Medicine" in January 2019. Pharmaceutical index model stocks.

        Our company has formed two series of products: one is sterile API products with crystallization technology as the ; the other is amino acid and vitamin series products with biological enzyme catalysis technology.

        The crystallization technology of sterile APIs is listed in the 13th Five-Year Plan key technology of China's pharmaceutical industry,  has formed a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. At present, our domestic market share of aseptic APIs is close to 100%.

        Enzyme catalytic conversion technology is  supported by the 13th Five-Year Plan of China. Our company  is the first in China to industrialize the production of amino acid derivatives and vitamins by bio-enzymatic catalysis technology in strategic cooperation with internationally renowned research and development institutes of high-efficiency bio-enzymes, has changed the traditional fermentation and chemical synthesis methods with great pollution. The situation of waste of resources has broad market prospects and strong competitive advantage.      

        Relying on the advantages of Sterile API crystallization technology and enzyme catalysis technology,  In the next three years, we will continue to focus on the established strategic objectives, accelerate the industrialization process of new products, and continuously enhance the leading edge of the company in the major health industry of biomedicine,will make full use of the Capital market advantages, timely advance the work of turnaround listing, and through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, integrate high-quality resources, continue to explore and innovate, to achieve leapfrog development.


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